Our Services

Mulder’s Auto Machine specializes in not only the machining of motors to factory or performance specifications but we can also build that custom engine for you.

Below is a sample of the services that we offer:

Cylinder Heads

•Stock & High Performance Valve Jobs
•Install Valve Guides & Valve Seats
•Install Screw-in Studs & Plates
•Machine Spring Seats
•Resurface & CC
•Bowl Blend Valve Pockets
•Install Larger Valves
•Magniflux & Pressure Test
•Crack Repair

Engine Block

•Power Hone & W/Deck Plate
•Standard Or Square Deck Block (resurface)
•Line Hone Mains
•Clearance For Strokers
•Sonic Test

Crankshaft & Rods and Pistons

•Index Grind
•Computer Balance
•Heavy Metal Balance
•Rod Reconditioning & Pin Bushings
•Flycut Pistons